Benno studies Graphic Design in Trier. He is currently working in an agency based in Berlin. Next to some designs for us, he is also the one who designed our logo and our heading. Whenever he finds the time to leave his computer and work, he likes to go hiking and snowboarding.

You can find more art of Benno here

Henrik Petersen

Henrik (31) studies Free Drawing and Illustration at the University of fine arts in Offenbach. He likes many different things. Besides others, Pens, Paper, Stories, Mointains, Lakes, Rivers, Trees, Cheese, Coffee, Balls, Beautiful sounds, Robots, Lasereyes and hairy animals. And tree houses. You may find more art by Henrik in his blog

You can find more art of Henrik Petersen here

Felix Tisch

Felix (23) i s a student from Offenbach, a German town close to Frankfurt. He likes illustrative line drawings, often simply in black and white. He studies visual communication at the university of fine arts in Offenbach. When he does not design or draw, he likes eating Capri ice cream and drinking Fanta. In some exceptional cases, the Fanta is interchanged with beer. And sometimes he does all of that together: Drawing, Studying, Eating ice cream, Drinking Fanta and opening a bottle of beer.

You can find more art of Felix Tisch here


Fritz is one of the Co-Founders of iDiffer. Next to the whole administrative work for us, he sometimes designs ideas we develop. When he is not working for iDiffer, he studies Economics - currently in São Paulo, Brazil. Here and then he likes to mix with his turntables. Current sets can be heard under the link below.

You can find more art of Fritz here


Yves (helloyves) designs stickers for iDiffer. He studies Design in his fourth semester in Maastricht, the Netherlands at the AbK. Originally he comes from Aachen. Besides the fact that he feels like a different age every year, he really enjoys drawing lines. And dots. And also bars. 

You can find more art of helloyves here


Fred studies fine arts in the south west of Germany. Next to his activities as an artist, drawer and designer, he loves good conversations and discussions. Especially about the exciting things and ideas that life has to offer. He does this while drinking a beer with his friends, playing card games or also while having a long walk.

You can find more art of Fred here


Leo aka Bobbito has graduated from High School in 2011. Currently, he interns as a Graphic Designer in Cologne to see what happens next. He is not 100% sure about his focus of art yet, but he currently concentrates on simple characters and lines. 

You can find more art of bobbito here

Felix & Philipp

Felix & Philipp are just the Co-Founders of iDiffer. You can find more information in the section "About us".

You can find more art of Felix & Philipp here

Lina Mc

Lina does not design for us, but takes photos. Und as she takes remarkably good photos, we want to show more of her work. Besides that, Lina just finished school and is now on her way towards taking more and more photos. If this is not the case, you can be sure to find her at her local.

You can find more art of Lina Mc here


When we are not busy producing your hand-made decals we try to create new designs for you. Although the one or other design does not look that bad, we are still miles away from the quality of our external designers. 

You can find more art of iDiffer here


After Romans failed attempt to get on board the Cologne International School of Design, he decided to achieve his bachelor in media technologies. That made him indeed an engineer but he somehow found his way back to more creative work at Bannerbüro where he brings home the bacon through animations in Flash and Photoshop always seizing opportunities to work on new projects like here on some designs for iDiffer.
When there is time to spare, he often visits his parents and old friends in bavaria where he can finally get on some serious mountains again be it with a snowboard or without.